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Biography of Elisabeth Kropfitsch

Univ. Prof. PD. Mag. Elisabeth Kropfitsch

Since October 2011 Elisabeth Kropfitsch is University professor for violin at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. She studied with Wolfgang Schneiderhan at the „Wiener Musikhochschule“. First prizes at national and international competitions, diploma with distinction. Assistant of Eduard Melkus, Jan Pospichal, Igor Ozim and Michael Frischenschlager. Many years professor at the Haydn Konservatorium Eisenstadt. World- wide concerts as soloist and primaria of the Jess-Trio-Wien. Numerous CDs (EMI, Gramola, Hungaroton), jury activity, radio and television appearances. Instrument: violin „d’Elia 1751“ built by Giambattista Guadagnini.

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